Sunday, May 22, 2011

So here's the plan...

I learned last week that Daniel is going to be deploying next July. Well, actually he will be going to Mississippi 5 days after my birthday next year then he'll deploy overseas sometime in... October?!?! At least he'll be here for my birthday!! So what I decided is that I'm going to make the most of the next 434 days. I'm going to be changing to tone of my blog and it will be about my family. I adore my almost family and this will be something I can always look back on. I'm going to be moving my little self over to a new blog and I have BIG plans for it. I'm pretty excited about this new endeavor. Love you all!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Moving on up!

Well again I've kinda failed at the blogging thing lately. I have been in a constant state of "moving" which makes settling in kinda difficult. I feel as though my life has been in constant turmoil for the past... oh, 6 months. But I hereby dub the past 2 months hyper-turmoil. I am finally able to move into what will be "our" apartment. But with Daniel and myself working opposite schedules it's been really difficult to get moved. That combined with the CRAZY weather we've been experiencing moving has been unlikely at best, impossible in reality.

HOWEVER, my mom and dad  (pretty much my HEROES) came down this weekend to help me get my life turned into something functioning. I wish I could explain how much it means to me that they are willing to wade through the mess of my life and help me turn it into something great. My mom is the most blessed person I've met at organizing and I can't even tell you how thrilled I am!
It was a busy weekend and every muscle in my body is sore (Yeah for living on the third floor!) but all of my belongings are finally in the apartment. Except the couch and a few boxes of books, those things were saved for my love and his all that is man-liness. So now I just have to spend a few evenings getting some organizational equipment and putting my odds and ends into place. :0) Something I learned from my mom this weekend, APPARENTLY it's self sacrificing love that will allow me to let Daniel have half the dresser drawers after we get married in June. .:sigh:. 1/2 of the drawers just seems like a lot of space. ;0)
Another highlight of the weekend, my parents bought me/us a bed!

*Ok, I've decided to post his despite the fact that it's two weeks old. I will just add to it.*

It's getting warmer! The trees are blooming and I can wear t-shirts without freezing! .:SIGH:. That means SPRING is coming! and I couldn't be happier. I knowingly chose each or those exclamation marks. It's been what some call "a day" and I'm now happily perched on the corner of my couch. My belly is full of delicious spaghetti and cheese garlic bread. I am sublimely happy and comfortably settled in my apartment. I have started actually COOKING my meals again! I've been working out and can't help but feel as though the snow in my little globe is finally drifting down and swirling around my feet. I feel blessed beyond measure in a million little ways.

I have been blessed by the gift of my sweet fiance! He is SO sweet and does many little things to show me his love. This face never fails to bring a huge smile to my face and makes my heart skip around a little bit in my chest.  (Yeah, yeah I know... I didn't give a mushy warning.)

I have been incredibly blessed with my new nanny position! Maddox and Lukas stole my heart in record time! But seriously look at these faces!

 It would be impossible to NOT love these munchkins. Also, they have super awesome parents that I love dearly. They are like family! (Have I mentioned how blessed I feel at any point in this post?)

I think it is now time for me to chill on the couch and call it a day. Thanks and Gig'Em!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Why am I awake?

No idea. I could blame it on waiting on my laundry, but I think we all know that isn't the truth.

I'm tired but not ready for bed yet so I decided to share some more pictures. These mostly make me laugh. :0)

Possibly one of my favorite pictures. It makes me laugh really hard!

Mason loves watching me put on my make-up.
While I had my back turned one day, he decided that it was his turn.

If this isn't the spirit of Christmas, I just don't
know what is. ;0)

We <3 U-Paint-It

Bubble bath!!

Marc relaxing.

Have I mentioned that I love these little men with all of my hearts!? Because I DO!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Catching up: From proposal to potty training.

WOW! I have been horrible about keeping up with this. In my defense, life has been slightly chaotic. Short run down of the wonderful things that have been happening in my life, then I will share a TON of pics (be prepared, it's seriously a lot!)

-I GOT ENGAGED! (officially! I will write a post with the story soon)
-I went to the Tri-State fair with the fam and ate a million calories.
-I learned I can cross only one of my eyes
-I bought a wedding dress (well, Mom and dad bought me a wedding dress)
-I watched a HORRIBLE Aggie football game with Maggie (but had AMAZING seats, so it was ok)
-Made cookie dough with Marc and NARROWLY escaped the cookie adventure without contracting diabetes.
-Went to Barrington farm with Casey & Noah
-Went to the Ft. Worth Zoo with Maggie, Marc, and Mason
-Moved all of my belongings into Daniel's house (after he used his weekend to fly to Amarillo and get everything out of storage for me)
-Am currently trying to potty train Mason
-Also, working on colors with Mason
-Learned that Mason is CRAZY stubborn

Now, who's ready for some insanely out of order pictures??

Me too!

Showing off my new bling!
I'm pretty sure there isn't anything about this photo
that isn't attractive. ;0)
Happy Halloween!

Marc and Maggie with the Giraffes.
A strange hairy worm thing on a sign at the Ft. Worth Zoo.
Sleeping on the way to Ft. Worth
*shudders* I hate snakes! (But MOLA was pretty amazing,
despite the slimy ickiness)

A lizard! 

Ummm, EWWW!
A really weird snake.

Maggie and the boys at the zoo.

I'm SOOO in love with my bling! It's PERFECT!
Watching the Aggie volleyball girls attempt to play football.

My Love and me the night he proposed!

Whatcha doin' Mason?

A quick smoochie while stopping to look at the scenery
at Palo Duro Canyon after the engagement pictures.

The gorgeous table setting for our romantic dinner when Daniel
proposed! It was on my Aunt B's front porch and it was (like
the entire day) perfect!

Have I mentioned how much I adore my bling?
My baby did GOOD!

Just a pretty sunburst.

Love the clouds in this sunset!

Marc started Tae Kwon Do! He competed this past weekend
in a tournament and won 3rd! :0) He's super proud of his medal!

I got to see the Faciane family this past weekend! I love them!
This is Daniil and me on the Merry-go-round at Bass Pro shops.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekend (not such an) Adventure

I decided that since it was a holiday weekend I was going to do something fun to celebrate. When I think of good times and lots of laughing, this face is the one that comes to mind...

Maggie with her SWEET 3-D glasses.
I think she rocks them.

So naturally I decided to spend Sunday and Monday with my favorite biological sister! I tried to hang out with MG as well, but she had more important things to do. ;0)

For my Saturday plans I had committed to babysit the sweet Hawkins boys in exchange for A&M football tickets. (Maggie is pretty super excited about being able to sit down when we watch our boys B.T.H.O. Missouri.) Saturday early afternoon I went to the laundromat and got all of my laundry done, then spent the evening with Sweet Noah. After the Hawkins family got home around 10ish I headed off to Ft. Worth. Normally I don't like to drive at night. But now that I have my WONDERFUL car, it's actually kind of fun being on the road in the night. I feel like the only person in the world. I arrived at Marggie's about 1am. Sunday morning I woke up to her staring at the back of my head (willing me to wake up) because she was hungry. We had a pretty typical day together, eating and shopping. (mostly of the window variety) One of the highlights of my long weekend was when we went to the Love Shack! It was SOOOO delicious! I have never had better nachos in my life! Another highlight was that my sweet Maggie got me pedicure. It was lovely as usual and I think my toes turned out pretty.

I'm in love with the little flowers!
While it was a relaxing experience fore me, poor Maggie got a HORRIBLE nail lady! We're talking particularly horrible! The crazy lady cleaned out the foot bath thing while Maggie was still sitting in the chair, didn't help Maggie put on her sandals, and had the WORST attitude about life in general! I felt horrible for poor Cricket.

So when the weekend was over I came home and had a lovely yesterday (Tuesday) with the boys. We played inside all day because THIS is what was going on:

I very much enjoyed the rainy day and am enjoying the cloudy weather today. It's supposed do be like this until Friday, which is perfectly ok with me!

That's pretty much all that is going on right now.
-The boys are fabulous as always.
-I'm getting excited about Daniel coming home this weekend! (he's been gone for 2 weeks!) I can't seem to keep him in one place! He's in California right now with his family on vacation. I think he's having TONS more fun than me this week, what do you think?

-I'm getting excited about going to Amarillo next week and going to the fair!

Hope you had a splendid Labor Day weekend!

Until next time...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The newest member of the family!

I would like to introduce y'all to the puppy previously known as Colt! (Now called Colby)

I'm pretty much in love with him.
He is SO soft and fluffy! Until tomorrow morning when he's getting a hair cut. (Insert pouty face here.) I wish country dogs could be fluffy and not encounter major issues.
New puppy arrived yesterday evening. His name was quickly changed from Colt to Colby because Marc was calling him “Colty” and Mason says Colby SO sweetly! :0) His fur is super soft! Considering that he just got here from Indiana last night, he’s incredibly calm and sweet. This morning I was still in bed when I heard Mason get mildly upset about something and then start REALLY screaming. Jules explained to me that Mason had thrown himself down on the ground and Colby, thinking he was playing, jumped on top of Mason and started licking him. Mason was VERY not ok with this. We’ll see how much longer Mason deals with disappointment by “playing” with Colby. My vote it not much longer.

Yesterday evening was pretty fantastic. Marc and I made French Bread Pizza (One of my favorites!) He was really proud of his creation.

Before baking. What a great little chef!

MmMmMm! Delicious!

After dinner I went with my dear cousin (Brandon) to see Scott Pilgrim v. The World. McK had told me that I had no choice but to go see it. About halfway through the movie it dawned on me! McK wanted me to watch it so badly because it's a cinematic portrayal of how his mind works!! It was good times and I enjoyed  spending time with Brandon. After that was over I took him home and picked up my beautiful friend Alex Rangel (I know her from Joni and Friends) and took her to Midnight Yell.

We had a blast! WHOOP! Today marks the opening of Aggie football season and I couldn't be more pleased with life. Well, that's kind of a lie. If I was going to the game with My Love I would be happier. But he's in California with his family so I'll be happy with babysitting in exchange for tickets later in the season (so I can go with my Maggie!) then driving up to see Maggie tonight and staying with her until Monday evening. Praise God for a long weekend! :0)

Well, time to go play with my other loves...

Casey (5)  &  Noah (2)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Boys, they never grow up.

Just a quick post while I make lunch. (Mac & Cheese with chicken. Yummy!) It's been a fabulous morning the weather was perfect so we've been outside since we finished breakfast. Yes, I do track time by meals. Do not judge lest ye be judged. So the little men made me smile because I know grown "boys" that pass their time the same way.

The coolest, toughest Power Wheel EVER!
The swords on the front just add a little something.

Love them!